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Adjust structure of injection mold development is a prerequisite

From the injection mold industry rise so far, Chinese mold industry has reached a relatively mature stage of development, is now third in the world. So far, emerged a large number of leading enterprises in China, such as the Crown Group (its large mould shop-poly mesh), and more than 100 companies have been awarded the "backbone enterprise in China".

Adjust the product structure and positioning of equipment can effectively promote the development of mold industry

At present, low-tech equipment supply exceeds demand, and high technology, the high-grade mold is far from meeting the demand. Therefore, precision, complex stamping mould, cover parts and other high-end equipment still has much room for development.

Mold equipment enterprises should adjust the product structure and positioning of equipment, further enhancing the high proportion of equipment, along with enhancing the level of mold manufacturing technology, occupying complex high-end, high precision, high technology mold market.

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