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Analysis of connector industry development present situation and prospect of China

With the shift of world manufacturing industry to mainland China, production center of gravity of the global connector synchronization transfers to China, and China has become the world's largest production base of the connector. Connector quickly improve the overall level of manufacturing in China connector market size increased, China has become the global connector market is the most promising and fastest-growing area. From 2003-2014, China connector market growth is significantly higher than the global average level, China connector market share expanding from 12.5% to 25.8%, has now become the world's largest connector market area.

003/2014 the global connector market share

The past ten years, China's sustained and rapid economic growth, 5 2003 GDP only 13.58 trillion yuan by 2015, soar to 67.67 trillion yuan 6, compound annual growth rate reached 14.32%. Along with the rapid economic development in China, communication, computer, consumer electronics, and other connectors and downstream industries in China's rapidly growing, making China connector market has maintained rapid growth, increasing size of the connector market. In 2003, China connector market is only about US $ 3.603 billion by 2014, soaring to $ 13.635 billion to become the world's largest market for connectors.

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