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Basic knowledge about LED wall wash light

1: voltage

LED wall washer light voltage can be broken down into: 220V,110V,36V,24V,12V, so we selected time corresponds to the attention of the power supply voltage.

2, operating temperature

Because of the comparison wall lights are typically used in outdoor, so this parameter is contrast main, request high contrast to temperature, usually we request outdoor temperature to + 60 ℃-40 ℃ to homework. Wall washing light is made of thermal contrast good aluminum casing, so this request is usually wall lights are able to satisfy the request.

Number 3, the LED lamp bead

General number of LED wall washer light 9/300mm,18/600mm,27/900mm,36/1000mm,36/1200mm.

4, protection class

This is wash Wall lamp of main parameter, is effect now guardrail tube quality of main target, we to for severe of requests, we in outdoor using, requests waterproof grade are to in IP65 above is best of. also to requests has related of resistance pressure, resistance fragmentation, and resistance high low temperature, and resistance burning, and anti-impact aging grade IP65,6 representative completely prevent dust into; 5 representative: water scour no any hurt.

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