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Precast curb molds, curb molds, curb molds materials selection?

Road along stone plastic mold commonly known as road teeth child mold is many road engineering edge at using cement along stone brick of plastic shaped mold, this mold can meet variety concrete of site prefabricated process, and due to material of selection corresponds to sex very strong, only makes cement along stone component of appearance can marble carved of phase comparable, in many of road calculus mold among material of right selection and making process is most important of, because this relates to mold of durability and can reached cement precast of qualified sex features, According to do common of raw materials production of mold on has white color of polypropylene and yellow color of ABS resin particles for making, this two species material is completely characteristics not as of raw materials, Qian a for some small and medium of cement component products of prefabricated, and good of wear sex features, just meet this repeatedly turnover using mold of technology advantage, and which of characteristics on slightly explicit hard some, because material internal molecular structure of different, by produced of hard traits is has is big of difference, There are some large production model large size kerb stone artifacts are pretty standard, anti-expansion coefficient ranges because the mold has very small, alternating hot and cold temperature is not affected, which is the large concrete road curb member selected its advantage.

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