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The healthy development of the consumer electronics market led to the consumption of the electronic connector industry sustainable development

The development with the times and technology, consumer electronics and IT products to speed up integration, more and more fields and industries involved in the consumer electronics, Tablet PCs, digital televisions, digital cameras, camcorders, handheld game consoles have become a consumer electronics product.

Consumer electronics products are used in many different types of connectors. One has a camera, music and video-enabled smartphones demand for connectors are usually 8 to 12 x 12, includes, RF radio frequency IC socket, USB, headphone jack, BatteryConn, I/O, SIM cards and CameraSocket etc, some phones are just RF connector with 3. A digital camera need to use USB, BatteryConn, HDMI, I/O, Flash, PogoPIN, connectors, and a game machine used in IC socket, USB, BatteryConn, HDMI, RF radio frequency, headphone jacks and other connectors. Average about 35 to 45 per laptop connector, the output value of the equivalent of us $ 10.

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