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Analysis Of Mold Release Agent Works

Metal mold temperature is the primary source use mold release agents, hot from a security perspective (fire and poisoning), he cannot use solution, suitable for emulsion, silicone plaster mold release agent or silicone oil. Silicone oil on rubber and plastic no expansion and contraction, thus using their mold release agent, silicone oil to migrate to more or less be molded products appearance after their processing performance.

For example, when the molded epoxy resins, polyurethane resins and polyurethane rubber, best used curing mold release agent or mix and curing mold release agents. Bonding, finishing and printing on demand products, not with two methyl silicone mold release agents. If using long-chain alkyl silane mold release agents, can get rid of the bad. Any diluent containing organic solvent, propellant, water and shall not be left in the stencil. Or will lead to decline in quality. Diluent used incorrectly, can make the appearance of silicone oil spread, and cause stress cracking of finished products and accelerate the aging and other questions.

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