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Changshu Tax Full Range Power Glass Mold Industry

Sha Jia bang town, Changshu is the country's main producer of glass molds, total industry production is about two-thirds. "Seiko" "c h" and a number of leading products have entered Japan and the United States, and Germany more than 20 countries, such as the high-end market, with United States and Australia, and France bows and arrows, Japan elegant top daily-use glass mould enterprises around the world to establish a partnership. JHF mold is the largest in the Asia's largest and world's fourth glass mold manufacturing enterprises.

Boost area characteristic industry's sustained and rapid development, Changshu tax innovation service initiatives, provide tax incentives, the establishment of the expert team provides a full range of services extended service, using modern information technology to establish three service tax and enterprise communication platform, full power glass mold industry to develop and grow. 2015 town glass mould enterprise tax revenue 19.5979 million Yuan. In January-May this year, the town glass mould enterprise tax revenue 9.1859 million Yuan, an increase of 12.5%.

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