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Classification Of Uses Of Plastics

A, general plastic

This type of plastic is widely used, with a large output, accounting for about three-quarters of the total output of plastics. The price is low, and it is used to make a large amount of daily necessities, such as TV casings, telephone casing molds, and home appliance molds. Commonly used plastics are ordinary ABS, PP, PE, PVC, PS, etc.

B, engineering plastics:

General-purpose plastics are inexpensive, but their mechanical properties, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance are difficult to meet the needs of structural materials used in certain engineering and equipment. For this reason, engineering plastics have emerged as a result of high mechanical strength and rigidity. It can replace some steel or non-ferrous materials, and can manufacture mechanical parts with complicated structure or engineering stress parts. Many of them use more than the original materials. Commonly used engineering plastics are POM, PC, PA, PBT, etc.

C, special plastics

This plastic has some unique features that can be used in special applications such as magnetically conductive plastics, medical plastics, pearlescent plastics, photosensitive plastics, etc.

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