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Current Development Status Of Injection Molds

Production process continues to improve

With the improvement of the design and processing level of mold enterprises, the development of China's injection molds has changed from relying on the skills of the fitter to relying mainly on technology. The production process is constantly improving, which is not only a change in production means, but also a change in production methods and an increase in ideas. This trend has promoted the continuous improvement of China's mold industry and the overall level of industry.

Move closer to the information industry

At present, many enterprises have adopted advanced technologies based on the information age, such as advanced manufacturing technology and virtual network technology. These are the manifestations of industrial informatization, and the trend of industrial production to the direction of informatization has become the consensus of the industry.

Focus on the ability of industry development

Now, our advanced industrial production units have been transformed from the previous introduction of advanced equipment to improve production efficiency, to independent research and development, and from passive to active.

Injection molds are developing in a wider field

Based on the development of market demand, new plastic materials and diversified molding methods will inevitably continue to develop in the future, so the requirements for molds are also increasing. In order to meet the needs of the market, the future plastic molds will have a rapid development in terms of variety, structure, performance and processing. Ultra-large, ultra-precision, long-life, high-efficiency molds; molds with multiple materials, multiple colors, multi-layer, multi-cavity, and multiple molding methods will be developed.

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