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Effect Of High Speed Precision Stamping Technology Of Plastic Mould

High speed and high precision stamping technology is advanced manufacturing technology of the stamping, it will high speed press technology, high-precision dies technology, high quality products, materials technology, intelligent control technology, such as high-tech integration as a whole. At present, the advanced manufacturing technology is the subject of research and development in the world, especially in today's highly developed market economy, it also plays a very important role.

High-speed precision stamping technology main based on using board material processing products, by high-speed pressure machine equipment, and precision level into mold, and quality volume material three a basic elements constitute, and in open device, and school flat device, and sent material device, and material lubrication device, and out pieces device, and acting pieces device, and received material device, automation around equipment of coordination connection Xia, by stamping process combination into a stamping Automation line. Press automation not only can greatly improve productivity, improve working conditions, lower costs, and can effectively ensure the safety of production, fundamentally changing the face of stamping. Are widely used in electronics, telecommunications, automobiles, machinery, military industry, light industry, electrical appliance, instrument, medical equipment, automation equipment and appliance manufacturing. In rail transport, aerospace manufacturing, new energy and other products is used more and more widely.

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