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High Production Efficiency Of Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is one of the most important technology in plastic processing, for pet plastic bottles, in most cases, plastic packaging factory will be used to blow molding process.

Plastic injection molding is an important thermoplastic molding method, in the machinery industry, automotive industry, home appliance industry, aerospace industry, biological field and the production of daily necessities are widely used. Compared with other molding process has many obvious advantages: its production of plastic parts with high precision, high complexity, beautiful appearance, low price, durable characteristics. Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding and plastic parts applicable to a wide range of good assembly and interchangeability, easy to achieve standardization, serialization, standardization. In addition, the injection molding machine is easy to operate, the mold replacement is convenient, the production cycle is short, the injection process can be achieved automation, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding coupled with high production efficiency, good economic benefits, therefore, plastic injection molding has become the most widely used plastic molding methods.

Plastic injection molding is the most important processing method of thermoplastic plastic workpiece. By using this method to process the molded plastic workpiece, its variety and style are incomparable with other moulding methods. The process is the use of the screw with the thrust of the plastic mold design and implementation, plastic melt into the closed mold cavity, after the cooling and solidification molding mold to get plastic parts. Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding Rob said that the formation of plastic injection molding requires three of the necessary conditions: first, the plastic parts must melt into the mold cavity, the second is the plastic solution must have enough pressure and flow rate to ensure that the full mold in a timely manner to fill all corners; Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding The third is the need to meet the shape and size of the workpiece and the requirements of molding process mold. ROB analysis of plastic injection molding technology compared with other molding technology has its unique advantages, in the following aspects: The first is the molding material melting and plasticizing and flow molding is in the plastic cylinder and mold cavity, the mold can always be in the dissolution of a rapid condensation or crosslinking curing state, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding Thus it is advantageous to shorten the molding period; the second is to lock the mold before injecting the plastic solution, coupled with a good fluidity of the mold cavity wear is very small, so you can use a set of mold large-batch molding complex parts, surface graphics and marking clear and higher dimensional precision products; The third is the molding process of mold, feeding, plasticizing, All molding operations, such as injection molding, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding starter and top products, are automatically completed by the injection molding machine, which makes the injection process easy to automate and realize program control. But we also need to see the inadequacy of plastic injection molding, due to the limitations of the cooling conditions, it is difficult to use this technology without defects, wall thickness changes and larger thermoplastic products, in addition because the injection molding machine and injection mold cost is very high, forming equipment start-up investment, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding so injection molding technology is not suitable for the production of small batches of products.

Plastic injection molding, also known as injection moulding or injection molding, is an important method for molding thermoplastic products. In addition to a handful of thermoplastics, almost all thermoplastic plastics can be molded in this way. Plastic injection molding can form a variety of shapes, meet the many requirements of plastic parts. Plastic injection molding has been successfully used in some thermosetting plastic parts, and even rubber products in the industrial production.

The process of plastic injection molding is to send granular or powdered plastic from the hopper of the injector to a heated barrel, after being heated and molded into molten state, the screw (or plunger) is pressurized by injecting the nozzle at the bottom of the barrel into a cryogenic, closed mold cavity, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding which is cooled and hardened to maintain the shape given by the mold cavity, The mould is made into plastic injection molded plastic parts, and a cycle is completed in operation.

Plastic injection molding is an important method of plastic molding, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding which has been widely used in production. It has the following characteristics:

① Molding cycle is short, can be formed in a complex shape, accurate size, with metal or non-metallic inserts plastic parts.

② is adaptable to forming various plastics. At present, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding in addition to fluorine plastics, almost all thermoplastic can be used in this way, some thermosetting plastics can also be used plastic injection molding.

③ production efficiency is high, easy to automate production.

④ Plastic injection molding requires expensive equipment, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding mold structure is more complex, high manufacturing costs, so plastic injection molding is particularly suitable for high-volume production.

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