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How To Avoid The Crystallization Of Injection Molding?

When choosing an injection molding machine and designing a mold, pay attention to the following requirements and precautions for crystalline plastics:

1. The amount of heat required for the temperature of the material to rise to the molding temperature is large, and equipment with a large plasticizing capacity is used.

2. When the cooling is turned back, the heat is released and it needs to be cooled sufficiently.

3. The difference in specific gravity between the molten state and the solid state is large, the molding shrinkage is large, and shrinkage cavities and pores are likely to occur.

4. fast cooling, low crystallinity, small shrinkage and high transparency. The crystallinity is related to the wall thickness of the plastic part, the wall thickness is slow to cool, the crystallinity is high, the shrinkage is large, and the physical properties are good. Therefore, the crystalline material should control the mold temperature as required.

5. Anisotropy is remarkable and internal stress is large. Molecules that have not crystallized after demolding tend to continue to crystallize, are in an energy-unbalanced state, and are prone to deformation and warpage.

6. The crystallization temperature range is narrow, and it is easy to inject the unmelted material into the mold or block the feed port.

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