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How To Choose A Mobile Phone Case?

Preferred silicone material

I use the silicone phone case, but it is not a thick but thin silicone phone case. This anti-drop performance is very good and feels good.

Don't choose a hard phone case

When choosing a mobile phone case, don't pick that kind of soft, there is no such drop-proof property, but the hard phone case is definitely not to choose, and the damage to the mobile phone is very serious.

Choose a phone case with angular edges

This is for the safety of mobile phones. Some mobile phone cases are very user-friendly in design. For example, those mobile phone cases with wavy edges are not easy to fall off in their hands.

Don't choose slow cooling and too fancy

If the mobile phone case is slow in heat dissipation, it is dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a mobile phone case with a fast heat dissipation. The thin mobile phone case with a silicone material is relatively fast, and those mobile phone cases with various decorations are not selected. It is easy to scratch the phone.

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