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How To Reduce The Processing Cost Of Injection Molds

Reasonable and effective reduction of the processing cost of injection molds can effectively improve the economic benefits of enterprise production, effectively reduce the production cost of enterprises, and contribute to the improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises and products.

First of all, reasonable selection of injection molds

Careful selection of well-designed injection molds prior to production is the most basic way to reduce costs. Different mold design structures have different requirements for product materials, and naturally there are good and bad. Excellent mold yield is high, resulting in less waste and lower natural production costs.

Second, use a reasonable processing technology

The same products, using different production processes, the quality and quantity of raw materials required are different. According to the characteristics of the product, under the premise of meeting the quality requirements, the use of improved processing methods can effectively reduce the cost of production.

Then, using scientific and rational management

In the production process, scientific and reasonable management methods are adopted. Strengthen cost accounting and strengthen management in all aspects of production, supply, sales and finance. Each of the cost of raw materials, auxiliary materials, fuel, power, wages, manufacturing costs, administrative fees, etc. in the production cost is refined into the unit product cost, reasonable standard management, and waste is strictly prohibited.

Enterprises reduce all kinds of unnecessary waste in each link, so as to achieve reasonable storage, use of materials, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. This not only ensures the reasonable need for production, but also reduces the waste of capital.

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