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Mobile Phone Back Shell Injection Molding Process

(1) Locking mold: The mold pulls quickly close to the fixed mold (including slow-fast-slow speed), and confirms that there is no foreign matter, the system turns to high pressure, and the template is locked (maintaining the pressure inside the cylinder).

(2) The shooting stage is moved forward in place: the shooting stage advances to the specified position (the nozzle is in close contact with the mold).

(3) Injection molding: The screw can be set to multi-stage speed, pressure and stroke to inject the molten material at the front end of the barrel into the cavity.

(4) Cooling and holding pressure: According to the set pressure and time period, the pressure of the barrel is maintained, and the cavity is cooled and formed.

(5) Cooling and pre-plasticization: the product in the cavity continues to be cooled, while the hydraulic motor drives the screw to push the plastic particles forward, and the screw retreats under the set back pressure control. When the screw retreats to the predetermined position, the screw stops rotating. The injection cylinder is loosened according to the setting and is expected to end.

(6) Shooting back: After the pre-molding is finished, the shooting platform is retreated to the designated position.

(7) Open the mold: the mold pulls back to the original position (including slow-fast-slow speed)

(8) ejection: thimble ejection products

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