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Mold Business Seeks Breakthrough In Diversification Of Industries

Mold is the basis for industrial production technology and equipment, is revered as the "mother of industry", due to the small screw buttons, engineering equipment and other industrial products production and processing, production Assembly can not be separated from the mold. Quanzhou, in manufacturing, mold industry started early: after the prototype appears in the 1970 of the 20th century, after decades of development, output ranked first in the province, and by extension of segments, Quanzhou, strongly supporting the footwear, textile and clothing, kitchen plumbing, auto industry development.

However, the mold industry in Quanzhou "over the Hill", edge, price war, small scale industrial chain, innovation fatigue and other problems are many in the industry who quickly distanced himself by Xiamen mold industry. Faced with this situation, the mold enterprises in Quanzhou from standard management, product innovation, industry breakthroughs such as collaborative, diverse exploration of transformation and upgrading, and has achieved some good results.

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