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Mold System Improve The Product Mix Of China's Modernization Is Becoming More Reasonable

According to the product materials and molding methods, mold is divided into 10 categories, mainly include stamping die, injection molding, die-casting, forging dies, glass molds.

Overall, die industry in China and foreign countries than in developed countries there is a gap, mainly in mould development and production, widely used in developed countries such as concurrent engineering and project management techniques and management methods, enhanced control of workflow, shorten mold development cycle. In terms of specialized production, is more common in developed countries. In terms of new technology research and innovation, including forming method, forming quality improve innovation, new materials technology innovation, we have yet to seize the initiative, largely followed behind the technology development in developed countries.

Completed or begun to mold the country park now amounted to about 100 or so. Especially for mould making service systems are maturing, from die materials, processing equipment, processing tools, special software for professional development and to the formation of mold design industry, which laid the Foundation for the rapid development of China's mold industry.

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