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Plastic Injection Molding Is Suitable For Production And Processing Field

Plastic injection molding, also known as injection molding, it is a injection molding method. The advantages of plastic injection molding are the rapid production speed, high efficiency, operation can be achieved automation, color variety, shape can be from simple to large, size can be small, and product size is accurate, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding products easily replaced, can be complex shape of the workpiece, plastic injection molding suitable for a large number of production and shape complex products such as molding processing field.

At a certain temperature, through the screw stirring completely molten plastic material, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding after cooling and solidification, the method of getting the molding products. This method is suitable for mass production of complex shape parts and is one of the most important processing methods.

Plastic Injection Molding This method is to melt the plastic material, and then inject it into the membrane cavity. Once the molten plastic enters the mold, it cold according to the mold cavity sample to form a certain shape. The resulting shape is often the final product, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding and no additional processing is required before installation or use as final product. A lot of detail, such as a bulge. Rib, thread, can be molded in the injection molding one-step operation. The injection moulding machine has two basic components: an injection device and a clamping device for melting and giving plastic to a person's mold. The function of the clamping device is: (1) Closing the mould under the condition of injecting pressure and (2) removing the product. Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding The injection device melts the plastic before it is injected into the mold, and then controls the pressure and speed to inject the melt into the mold. The current injection device.

The plastic injection molding period consists of closing time, filling time, holding time, cooling time and demoulding time. Among them, cooling time accounted for the largest proportion, about $number. Therefore, the cooling time will directly affect the plastic product molding cycle length and output size. Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding Demoulding stage the temperature of plastic products should be cooled down to the thermal deformation temperature of plastic products, in order to prevent the relaxation phenomenon caused by residual stress or the warping and deformation induced by external force of plastic products.

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