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Plastic Injection Molding Production Efficiency Is High

Plastic injection molding, also known as injection molding, it is a injection molding method. Plastic injection molding method has the advantages of fast production, high efficiency, the operation can be automated, color varieties, the shape can be from simple to complex, the size can be large to small, and the product size is accurate, easy to replace the product, can become complex shape Of the plastic parts, plastic injection molding for a large number of production and shape of complex products such as molding processing.

At a certain temperature, the molten material is completely melted by means of a screw, and then cooled and solidified to obtain a molded article. This method is suitable for batch production of complex parts, which is one of the important processing methods.

Injection Molding:

Injection molding is the injection molding machine melted plastic, plunger or screw thrust into the mold, after cooling the process of obtaining products. Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding Plastic in the injection molding machine heating cylinder in the plastic, by the plunger or reciprocating screw injection into the mold cavity to close the mold in the formation of plastic processing methods. This method can be processed complex, accurate or with the size of the products, high production efficiency. Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding Most thermoplastics and certain thermosetting plastics (such as phenolic plastic) can be processed in this way. The material used for injection molding must be of good fluidity to fill the mold cavity to obtain the product.

Plastic Injection Molding Type: A Injection Molding: It is a method in which the plastic is first heated in the heating cylinder of the injection molding machine and then pushed by the reciprocating screw to the mold cavity of the closed mold. In the high productivity of high-precision, high-quality products, but also the processing of plastic varieties, large output (about the total amount of plastic 1/3) and wide use, therefore, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding plastic injection molding is an important molding method one.

B Extrusion Molding: Extrusion is a method in which the plastic is continuously passed through the die in the extruder by means of heating and pressing, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding and is generally used for sheet metal. Tubing. Monofilament. Flat filament. Film. Wire and cable So that it is one of the important molding methods for plastic addition.

C foam molding: refers to the foam material to add the appropriate blowing agent, resulting in porous or foam products, the way the foam products with a relatively small density, high strength, less raw materials and noise, insulation and other volts Point, foam materials are PVC, PE and PS, etc. Products are: film, sheet, pipe, and profiles, etc. Foaming can be divided into chemical foaming and physical foaming.

E Blow molding (blown film) Plastic (or hollow blow molding) refers to the use of fluid (compressed air) pressure will close the mold hot thermoplastic paris or sheet into a hollow molding of a molding method The use of this method to produce plastic containers, such as various bottles, square, round or flat barrels, petrol tanks, etc. have been widely used, the newly developed various industrial parts and household products, such as double wall box products , L-ring large drums, palletizing plates, surfboards, seat backrests and desks, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding and front baffles for cars, belt covers, dashboards, air conditioning ducts, etc., Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding which have been applied in practice. Materials from the plastic to the development of engineering plastics.Now the blow molding method has become one of the important molding methods of plastic processing.But the basic steps of the blow molding process are: 1. Melting materials .2. Molten resin to form a tube Or parison. 3. Fusing the hollow parison blow mold. 4. Blow the mold in the mold. 5. Cooling the blown article. 6. Remove the product from the mold.

F Injection Blow Molding: Injection Blow Molding is a blow molding method in which plastic is made into a bottom parison by injection molding and then transferred to a blow mold to form a hollow product. In the daily necessities. Cosmetics. Food. Food packaging containers. But its volume should not exceed 1L. Commonly used plastic polyethylene, polystyrene and polyvinyl chloride.

G Extrusion Blow Molding: Extrusion Blow Molding is a blow molding method. Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding Unlike injection blow molding, its paris is made by extrusion.

H Stretch Blow Molding: Stretch Blow Molding is a blow molding method that is made by extrusion, injection molding, etc. The parison is then heated to a drawing temperature, either internally (eg mandrel) or External (such as fixtures), and are laterally stretched at the same time or later by inflation of the compressed air.

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