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Plastic Injection Molding To Achieve Automated Production

Plastic injection molding is a method in which a polymerizable or curable liquid material is injected into a mold, and the material is polymerized or cured into a molded product without pressure or little pressure. Is characterized by the use of equipment is simple, no pressure, the requirements of the mold strength is low, can be made of various materials. There are two types of materials that can be cast: one is a thermoplastic monomer or a prepolymer thereof, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding a solution of a polymer in a monomer such as a plexiglass plate; the other is a thermosetting resin in a liquid state, Human curing agent or by heating in the mold curing molding, such as phenolic resin, unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin. Methods are static casting, centrifugal casting, rotomolding, slush and so on.

Plastic injection molding principle is the granular or powdery raw materials added to the injection machine hopper, the raw material by heating and melting was flow, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding in the injection machine screw or piston driven by the nozzle and die casting system into the mold cavity, In the mold cavity cavity hardening stereotypes.

Plastic injection molding is the most important processing method for thermoplastics parts. With this method of processing of plastic parts, its variety and style as many other molding methods unparalleled. The process is by means of the screw with the thrust, the three-way pipe plastic mold design and implementation of the plasticized plastic melt into the closed mold cavity, the cooling and curing after the mold to get plastic. Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding Luo Baihui said that the formation of plastic injection molding requires three necessary conditions: First, the plastic parts must be in the molten state into the mold cavity; Second, the plastic solution must have sufficient pressure and flow rate to ensure timely filling the entire cavity of the various corners ; Third, the need to meet the shape and size of parts and meet the molding process requirements of the mold. Luo Baihui analysis, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding plastic injection molding technology and other molding technology compared to its unique advantages, manifested in the following aspects: First, the molding materials, melt plasticization and flow modeling are in the plastic tube and cavity two , The mold can always be in a state where the solution is quickly condensed or cross-linked to cure, thereby helping to shorten the molding cycle; the second is to first lock the mold and then the plastic solution into the solution, coupled with a good flow of the solution to the cavity The wear and tear is very small, so you can use a set of molds in large quantities of complex parts, surface graphics and marking clear and high dimensional accuracy of the products; the third is the molding process of mold, feeding, plasticizing, injection molding, Products such as all the molding operations are automatically completed by the injection molding machine, so that the injection process is easy to fully automated and to achieve program control. But we also have to see the lack of plastic injection molding, due to the cooling conditions, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding it is difficult to use this technology system without defects, wall thickness changes in the larger thermoplastic products, and the other because of injection molding machine and injection mold Of the high cost of molding equipment to start a larger investment, so injection molding technology is not suitable for the production of small quantities of products.

Plastic injection molding, also known as injection molding or injection molding, is an important method of forming thermoplastic products. In addition to a handful of thermoplastics, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding almost all of the thermoplastic can be used to form plastic parts. Plastic injection molding can shape a variety of shapes to meet the requirements of many plastic parts. Plastic injection molding has been successfully applied to certain thermosetting plastic parts, and even rubber products in industrial production.

Plastic injection molding process is the granular or powdery plastic from the injection machine hopper into the heated barrel, heated by plasticization into a molten state, by the screw (or plunger) pressure through the bottom of the barrel into the low temperature Of the closed mold cavity, the cooling hardening and maintain the mold cavity given by the shape, open mold made of plastic injection molding plastic parts, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding in the operation to complete a cycle.

Plastic injection molding is an important method of plastic molding, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding production has been widely used. It has the following characteristics:

① forming cycle is short, can shape a complex shape, accurate size, with a metal or non-metallic inserts of plastic parts.

② the formation of a variety of plastic adaptability. At present, in addition to fluoride plastic, almost all of the thermoplastic can be used to form this method, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding some thermosetting plastics can also be used plastic injection molding.

③ high production efficiency, easy to achieve automated production.

④ plastic injection molding equipment is expensive, mold structure is more complex, high manufacturing costs, so plastic injection molding is particularly suitable for mass production.

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