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Plastic Injection Molding Using Specialized Technology

Plastic injection molding is a method in which the plastic material is first melted in the heating cylinder of the injection molding machine and then pushed by the reciprocating screw to the mold cavity of the closed mold, which can be prepared not only under high productivity Precision, high-quality products, but also the processing of plastic varieties, large output (about the total amount of plastic 1/3) and wide use, therefore, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding injection molding is one of the important molding methods.

A plastic injection molding system comprising a gluing nozzle, a forming module and a glue module. The forming module contains a forming mold cavity. The glue module is located between the injection nozzle and the molding module, and contains a feeding pipe, the feeding pipe is connected with the injection nozzle and the forming mold cavity, and comprises two bending parts which can reduce the plastic flow rate in turn.

The plastic injection molding process uses a screw to flow the material through the heated barrel, which is circulated in water or oil around the barrel. The screw can be designed in different types of each material, compressed slightly to remove air and heat the material to obtain low viscosity. Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding The flow of most thermosetting materials here is quite good.

So that the operation of the material into the mold is to stop the screw rotation and hydraulic pressure to push the screw at high speed, so that the plasticized low viscosity material into the mold. This rapid flow requires 0.5 seconds to fill the cavity, the pressure to reach 193MPa. The high-speed flow of the material, once filled with the membrane chamber, produces greater frictional heat to accelerate the chemical reaction.

Once the cavity is filled, the injection pressure will drop to the packing pressure of 34.5-68.9MPa. This pressure is maintained on the material for 5-10 seconds, then depressurizes, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding and then begins the next cycle of plasticization.

This material is held in a hot mold until it becomes hard, and then the mold clamping device is opened and the product is ejected. When the product is just ejected, it may be mildly uncured and somewhat soft, and the final cure will be done with the heat retained in the product within 1 minute or 2 minutes after removal. The entire production cycle of the thermosetting product is 10-120 seconds, depending on the thickness of the product and the type of raw material.

Many different and specialized techniques have been used to improve the quality and reproducibility of the products. In view of the fact that some thermosetting polymers produce gas upon heating, there is often a bleed operation after the mold is partially filled. In this step, Custom Injection Molding And Plastic Molding the mold opens slightly so that the gas escapes and then closes quickly and refills the remaining material.

 Plastic injection molding provides a higher strength, better size control, and improved surface state (appearance), which is due to the use of a telescopic film cavity and the core of the mold obtained, the injection process can be Open 1/8-l / 2 in, and then quickly press, like the mold off.

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