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Plastic Mold Features

1. Characteristics of thermoplastics:

Such plastics soften upon heating, and when the temperature rises to a certain extent, they are in a molten state, becoming a flowable viscous fluid, and a shaped product can be formed by means of a mold and a pressure, and the formed shape can be maintained after cooling. When heated again, it can be softened, melted, and reshaped. It has only physical changes and no chemical changes during heating and cooling. Usually most of the commonly used plastics belong to this type, and the characteristics of plastic products determine whether to open the standard of injection molds.

2, thermosetting plastic features:

These plastics soften when first heated, solidify after cooling and appear rigid. It does not soften when reheated, and it decomposes when the temperature rises to a certain level. This is because the plastics change chemically during the injection molding process, the linear molecules become body-shaped molecules, and the resin transforms into a shape that neither softens nor dissolves, no longer changes, no longer has plasticity, and its texture is generally hard and brittle. Commonly used thermosetting plastics are PF, UF, MF, EP, UP.

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