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The Most Critical Element Of Injection Molding Success

1. Speed:

A processing injection molder can increase productivity by reducing the molding cycle, which is the sum of molten plastic, injection, cooling, and demolding time. Production can also be increased by using large molds that can produce multiple parts in one molding cycle. This type of mold is called a multi-hole mold.

2. Stability:

A factor that is as important as production. The process stability can be maintained by carefully controlling the plasticizing temperature, the plasticizing pressure during filling, the filling rate, and the cooling process. The above four injection molding process parameters interact and are very useful for understanding process changes and solving problems. Although these process parameters are suitable for almost all injection molding processes, the process used in each shop will vary depending on the application, the materials selected, and the preferences of the injection molder.

3. Filling rate:

When injecting thin-walled articles, the material must be injected into the mold as quickly as possible to prevent freezing before the part mold is filled with material. The latest resin materials and plastics machinery technology in this field is almost always aimed at faster and more convenient filling processes. In addition to reducing the molding cycle through a better filling process, injection molders can also reduce costs by using thin-walled dies or larger molds with a larger number of cavities.

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