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Three Ways To Reduce Mold Processing Defects

Mold processing refers to the processing of forming and blanking tools. In addition, it also includes shearing and die-cutting dies. At the time of mold processing, defects sometimes occur, and several small methods of reducing mold processing defects are reduced.

First of all: rational use of cooling lubricants, play the three major functions of cooling, washing, lubrication, keep cooling and lubrication clean, thus controlling the grinding heat within the allowable range to prevent thermal deformation of the workpiece. Improve the cooling conditions during grinding, such as the use of oil-impregnated grinding wheels or internal cooling wheels. The cutting fluid is introduced into the center of the grinding wheel, and the cutting fluid can directly enter the grinding zone to exert an effective cooling effect to prevent burns on the surface of the workpiece.

Secondly, the grinding amount is reasonably selected, and the fine grinding method with a small radial feed amount is used even fine grinding. If the radial feed amount and the grinding wheel speed are appropriately reduced, the axial feed amount is increased, the contact area between the grinding wheel and the workpiece is reduced, and the heat dissipation condition is improved, thereby effectively controlling the surface temperature increase.

Finally: reasonable selection and dressing of the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel with white corundum is better, its performance is hard and brittle, and it is easy to produce a new cutting edge, so the cutting force is small, the grinding heat is small, and the medium grain size is used in the particle size, such as 46 to 60 mesh is better. The hardness of the grinding wheel is medium soft and soft (ZR1, ZR2 and R1, R2), that is, the grinding wheel with coarse grain size and low hardness. The self-excitation is good to reduce the cutting heat.

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