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Traditional Mold Industry Road In Where?

Is the general direction of intelligent manufacturing industry. Dongguan effort WINS precision component Corporation and Huazhong University of science and, and South Polytechnic University, University research institutions long-term cooperation, accumulated has rich experience, its precision structure pieces manufacturing strength home global Qian three methyl, built has domestic industry first article national produced NC system configuration core key equipment of no of intelligent manufacturing workshop, its "mobile terminal metal processing intelligent manufacturing new mode" became national 42 a intelligent manufacturing model points one of.

Ship smart company is the second board-listed company in Chinese mold industry. In recent years, they insist on collaborative innovation, with the collaboration of academician Chen Xiaoming in a "chemical material and technology academician workstation", and the Hong Kong Polytechnic Grand Coalition has set up a "mold cleaners Technical Center", Guangdong University of technology and to build a "mold digital engineering research base" and "mechanical engineering training base for innovation", and has built a national and provincial Engineering Research Center. The company's radial tire production molds, breaking the high-end tire mould has long relied on imports from, was awarded the first prize of Guangdong science and technology progress. The company displayed industrial robots and equipment, realize industrial robots and industrialization of production line equipment, and began the "intelligent manufacturing + big data" strategy.

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