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Why Chinese Movie Star Wang Baoqiang Has Such Many People To Support Him On His Divorce?

On 14th,a divorce statement lead to amazing buzzing in China social Media. A movie star, Wang Baoqiang, has found that his wife, Ma rong, have betray him with over 6 years in their marrige.

Chinese people think that Ma rong and Song ji(Wang's agent) is really bitch and false.Also, cheat Wang Baoqiang property with over 100 million RMB. Thus,Wang Baoqiang has ready to prosecute Marong to Beijing Chaoyang Court.Why so many people against Marong? 

1,Ma rong and Songji cheat Wang Baoqiang 6 years

2,Ma rong do not know what is morality, still deny she cheat Wang.

3,Ma rong transfer property, its unlawful action.

4,Ma rong and Song ji, are son of bitch, greed,cattiness...

5,Ma rong and Songji chanllenge the moral bottom line.

Here is suggestions to Ma and Song

In China, there are old words that you make it, you undertake it.You guys over Panjin lian story.

You must do not know, justice is on the way.Ma, as a gold digger,shrewd and deep, no any good results for you and your family will shamee all the time. 

Wang's fans hope him to hold on and keep going, after all life is still bright,trust Life. 

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